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Mail Tracking

Success Printing and Mailing, Inc, now has the ability to track your mail. We are certified by the USPS to use the Full Service Intelligent Mail Barcode.
If we code your mail while processing your mailing list and code your mail piece we will then have the ability to track your mail.
We call this “making your mail trackable”. We charge a small fee to code your mailing so it is trackable.
As was always the case, when we drop your mail off at the post office we no longer have any control or information about the status of your mail. This new add on feature allows us to determine exactly where your mail is in the USPS system. The mail gets scanned when we drop it off at the post office and every step along the way. The final scan is done to the mail tray as it gets put on the individual mail truck and is out for delivery.
If for any reason you require more information about the status of your mailing once it has left our hands making your mail trackable is very important. If you agree to this service we will be able to assist you in determining the exact status of your mail.
If you would like more information please call to discuss this with one of our mailing experts. 203-847-1112

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